Meet the Team

Rex Marks

  Rex Marks is the Associate Director of Norwich University’s Leadership & Change Institute as well as the Acting Program Director and faculty member in Norwich’s Master of Science in Leadership and Master of Science in Executive Leadership programs. He specializes in leadership development and team building, problem solving, project/fiscal management, emergency management, and organizational development. He has over 30 years’ experience as an accomplished and professional law enforcement leader having served in municipalities at various ranks including Chief of Police. He holds a Master of Science in Organizational Leadership and a Master’s in Public Administration with a concentration in Disaster Management. He is currently completing his doctoral degree in Public Policy Administration with a concentration in Leadership, Community Sustainability, and Terrorism.  

Ashley Lopez

 Ashley Lopez is the Project Manager for the Leadership & Change Institute at Norwich University. In her role with the LCI, Ashley focuses on relationship building, client engagement and outreach while managing the Research and Publishing Program and facilitating annual Leadership Summits. During her time at Norwich, Ashley has also served as a Student Services Advisor, in which she assisted in the creation of an employee training program within a Learning Management System and served on a number of committees, including Norwich Employees Enrichment & Development and Innovation Engineering. Ashley holds a Master’s degree in Literacy and a Master of Business Administration degree with a focus in Organizational Leadership.  

Toni Raftery

Toni Raftery

Toni Raftery is the Technical Operations Director for the Leadership & Change Institute at Norwich University. During her 14-years at Norwich University, Toni led the implementation of three different Learning Management systems, two Customer Relation Management systems, and an Online Application system. In her role as project manager, she automated and improved operational processes, including the instructor contract process, student account process, and application process. Before coming to Norwich, Toni was an Online Marketing Manager, leading a global team for an international publishing company and was Director of Operations for a Vermont specialty food company. Toni holds a Master’s degree in Public Administration and is currently working on a Master of Business Administration degree with a Concentration in Project Management. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, taking photos, and traveling with her family.