Organization Development

The Norwich University Leadership & Change Institute can customize an organizational retreat experience where we bring our think-tank to your organization.

We work with organizations and their employee teams to help increase their capacity to address their toughest leadership challenges with character, integrity, and distinction. This offering is completed through our online classroom.

Featured Offering

Leadership Challenge I
Just because your employees are busy doesn’t mean they are at peak capacity. You still want them to have more knowledge, more skills, and more satisfaction in what they do. Our alumni achieve distinction through meeting challenges head on. They say they are their best selves when in our think-tank environment with different-minded individuals. This never-the-same six-week leadership challenge experience offers more in-depth preparation for participating employees who are emerging leaders, supervisors and first-level managers. These sessions teach employees how to think differently and tests their leadership learning in real-time with your organization’s actual leadership challenges. Learn how to uncover blind-spots in thinking and re-perceive the possible when your employees prepare online with our leadership experts.

In this six-week leadership challenge you can unlock the ability to:

  • Leverage leadership opportunities in the management-focused world of your everyday life
  • Control your impact on your organization and other people
  • Create a more agile and adaptable organization
  • Communicate for results
  • Access untapped skills and abilities in your people
  • Achieve long-term growth of people and production

This is an Organizational Development offering 6 weeks in length with an Organizational Leadership Summit at the end of week five. Your leadership summit can be conducted virtually, or at a location of your choice. Employee cohort size of 10 per grouping is recommended.

Future Offering

The Leadership & Change Institute subscription services provide just-in-time leadership development to organizations in a selection of week-long modules. Delivered online.

We are developing a portfolio of week-long modules that organizations can choose from to build a custom program for a group of employees to last 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or more. Additional course offerings will cover topics such as human resources leadership, public sector, government and military leadership, and leading change management consulting.

Contact our team to view the full course catalog and learn how we can build a Subscription Service that will meet the needs of your organization.