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OL51001: The Meaning of Leadership

This module is designed to introduce you to various definitions of leadership as well as how one looks at their own role as a leader from the individual and group environment.   

OL51002: Developing Your Leadership Skills

 In this module, you will explore leader development, how to develop your own leadership skills, and identify skills required to be an effective leader.  

OL51004: Ethical Leadership & Behavior

In this module, you delve into the topics of ethics, values, leadership behavior, and credibility. 

OL51005: Ethical and Resilient Leadership

This module extends the study of ethical leadership and examines the construct of “Resilient Leadership.” Resiliency, the ability to recover quickly from setbacks

OL51008: Exemplary Leadership

 This module will focus on an exploration of the personal nature of leadership presented and you will begin shaping and refining your personal leadership style by studying the research.

OL51009: Inspiring a Shared Vision and Challenging the Process

Techniques on inspiring and empowering a team are the primary topics covered in this module. It is one thing to have a vision statement for your organization, but the real question to ask is “Does everyone on the team share in this vision?”


OL51011: Leading and Managing in Difficult Situations

This module will look at what the experts call “The dark side of leadership.” All of us have encountered difficult people in the workplace; all of us have also exhibited some form of “dark leadership.”  

OL52001: Emotions and Emotional Intelligence History

In this module,you are afforded the opportunity to explore human emotions, emotions in the workplace, the history of EQ, and foundational elements of EQ.  

OL52002: Social Intelligence

 This module will introduce you to the concept of Social Intelligence. You will compare and contrast the similarities and differences between Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence. 

OL52005: Leader Behavior and Emotional Control

 This module is designed to provide you with an opportunity to learn and understand more about the science and advantages of controlling emotions and how that benefits a leader’s effectiveness.  

OL52008: Flexibility and Adaptability

This module will provide an exciting journey on learning about workplace negotiations and conflict resolution. Participants will also explore the role of EI in managing conflicts within a team or between the teams in an organization.  

OL52011: Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Success

The degree to which a team or organization are effective is often linked to the depth of understanding the leader has to the concepts of Emotional Intelligence (EI).  In this module, you will learn about a culminating view of EI and the role of the leader. 


OL53002: Establishing a Sense of Urgency

Within this module, you will begin the journey along the path to effectively leading change. You will start by examining Urgency – the need to establish a compelling message around the (possible) need for change.  

OL53003: Developing a Vision and Strategy

This module will expand understanding in your study of leading change by considering the process of visioning. You will see the down-sides of failing to provide an engaging, clear vision.  

OL53004: Importance of a Committed Leadership: Effecting Change

This module brings focus to “Committed Leadership”; what behaviors we require as leaders in order to effectively engage and lead others toward positive change; particularly through the utilization of a guiding coalition.  

OL53008: Producing More Change – Resolving Resistance and Setting Intermediate Goals

In this module, our readings present 3 key areas of learning that include the impact of forms of resistance, the benefits of loosening controls when appropriate, and the critical benefits of achieving milestones aligned with the larger goals and vision. 


OL54003: Early Perspectives on Organizational Communication

Becoming more aware of the different perspectives, complexities and critical importance of organizational communication to a leader is the message of this module. You will be reading about three theories within organizations that have implications for strategic communication and information leadership.  

OL54011: Working with Integrity: Organizational Communication as Disciplined Practice

In this module, you will focus on on strategic communication bringing together key concepts with a particular focus on the importance of congruent communication and action.  


OL5501: A Strategic Approach to Organizational Behavior and a Competitive Advantage

This module focuses on leveraging the human capital (the people) of an organization to build an organization that is flexible, adaptive to the demands of its environment, and that has a sustainable competitive advantage.  

OL5503: Learning, Perception and Personality

This module considers the characteristics that allow an organization to be “adaptive.” The highly competitive and uncertain environments of many of today’s organizations no longer accept status quo; a competitive edge today is a competitor’s tomorrow.  


OL56002: Coaching and Mentoring

This module explores the applications of coaching and mentoring to organizations. The value from engagement in both has been shown to provide significant returns on investment in areas of leader development, knowledge transfer, and succession planning. 

OL56004: The Learning Organization

In this module, you will really get an opportunity to understand how leaders introduce and develop a learning culture in the workplace.  

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1-Month Subscription Service

Includes one month of access to 2 modules of choice for up to 10 employees for  $1,560.

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Includes three months of access to 6 modules of choice for up to 10 employees for  $4,680. 

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Includes 1 year of access to 24 modules of choice for up to 10 employees for  $18,720.    

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